2024 Pinewoods BDC ~ John Abbott Youth Trial ~ Horseback Stake

2024 Pinewoods BDC ~ John Abbott Youth Trial ~ Horseback Stake

Mar 17th, 2024 | FT Results and Reports

Sunday, March 17, 2024
Pinion Point Plantation, Quitman, GA

Pinewoods Bird Dog Club held our 1st Annual John Abbott Youth Field Trial at the glorious Pinion Point Plantation in Quitman, GA on March 17, 2024. 13 kids were drawn for the horseback portion of the trial and were eager to compete on that beautiful St. Patrick’s’ Day. Of the 15 dogs entered to run, we had 8 females and 7 males; all of which were Pointers. 8 horseback braces were scheduled that day, concluding the stake with a bye-dog named May. The walking stake immediately followed with a large gallery still spectating from our saddles. It was a new and exciting experience for most of us there.

We want to thank our judges Michael Hill and Parker Weeks, both of Thomasville, GA, for watching these young handlers and their canine athletes. It is not an easy job to place the winners, especially when all the dogs hunt with style and class. Marshalling for the event were former co-workers of Pinion Point, JW Williams, Jr. and Chip Jenkins. Course directors were JW Williams, Sr. and Bernard Parker both of Four Oaks Plantation. Bernard also, along with his wife Erica, cooked a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy under the shade of the picturesque lakeside oak trees. Beautiful trophies were presented to the top 3 winners as well as Honorable Mention. Youth Field Trial Alliance paid the entries for all the kids and provided rosettes for the winners, ribbons to all the participants, and gifted all the judges Strideaway published books. Thank you to Greg Blair and Purina for providing dog food, lanyards, and hats to all the participants. Youth Field Trial Alliance’s Chris Mathan photographed the day and sent winners’ prints to the top 3 winners and honorable mention winner of the horseback stake, plus the 3 winners of the walking stake as well. A large 10×20 print of the gallery, the youth handlers, their dogs, the judges, and Four Oaks crew was given as a gift to Pinion Point/Four Oaks Plantation for hosting this wonderful trial. Jeff Arnold also received an enlarged print to hang at Pinewoods Plantation as a huge thank you for the time and effort he put into organizing this very special event. It was thrilling to watch Jeff’s vision of hosting youth trials come to life this year with this being his second youth trial of the season. It took a couple of years of planning, and the support of so many, to see this dream of his come to fruition. We are all so proud of him and happy for the kids that get to learn and thrive in the sport because of mentors like Jeff. Thank you to Dixie Trace FTC for starting his dream of the Pinewoods Bird Dog Club and to Youth Field Trial Alliance for guiding him along this journey.

1st Brace of the morning was “Stan” handled by Sawyer King and “Joey” handled by Grant McCall. The pair of Pointers started the youth trial off strong. Both stopped to point with Joey honoring Stan. Stan held steady to wing and shot. They stopped again with separate points but both dogs continued their hunt. One last divided find for the two resulted in birds up for both canines! Grant, along with the help of his field trial grandfather, John Milton, shot his pistol excitedly in the air.

2nd Brace was “Four Oaks Bill” handled by first time youth field trialer, Emaria Parker and “Foshalee Jess” handled by Honorable Mention winner, McKenzie White, who is also new to the sport. Both dogs handled well for the girls and stopped to point with Bill out front. Emaria flushed with the help of her dad, Bernard Parker, and birds took flight. Jess then had a find with nice covey up and Bill stopped to honor. Both dogs continued their time on the ground with Jess stopping with a last classy point but she moved on until time was called.

3rd Brace was our 2nd place winner “Lady” handled by Kaideence Cumbie and our 1st place winner “Foshalee Lou” handled by Wyatt Rehburg. It was an exciting brace with plenty of bird work for both contenders. Lou had 5 clean, stylish finds with one producing a very large covey rise. Lady had 4 pieces of bird work for her young handler. She also honored Lou on one of her finds. Both dogs impressed the judges with their classy hunting styles.

4th Brace was “Tom” handled by Skylar Riley and “Patch” handled by Ellis McCall.

Tom had 2 impressive finds for Skylar which made it very exciting for her 2nd youth trial. Patch ran a good race for Ellis and his grandfather, John Milton, who by his side, could not have been more proud.

5th Brace was “Jake” handled by Harper Wiseman and “Pinewoods Sam” handled by Kira Jenkins.

Jake ran a great race for Harper with 1 back, 1 point with birds getting up behind him, and 1 relocation right as time was called. Sam had 1 clean find for Kira in his 20 minutes on the ground.

6th Brace was “Ike” handled by Harper Wiseman and “Rose” our 3rd place winner, handled by Harper King. The Harper vs. Harper brace started strong with both dogs stopping to point with Rose out front. Rose had 1 more point with birds up and she also stopped to back Ike on one of his finds. Ike had 2 more finds and birds also flushed when he stopped for a water break.

7th Brace was “Pinewoods Bess” handled by Kira Jenkins and “Eva” handled by Warren King. Bess had 2 nice finds for her handler, Kira. Eva pointed a nice find for first-timer, Warren. His dad, Matt King, helped him shoot his pistol after the birds took flight.

8th and final brace of the horseback stake was a bye-dog, “May”, handled by Griffin Long. May concluded the horseback stake with 1 broke find and a stop to flush. It was an exciting way to bring the youth stake to a close.

Maria Bassham, Reporter