Girl on horse with whistle
Boy working with dog
Boy with whistle and dog
Youth Field Trial Alliance Logo with children, dog and birds

Inspired by an insurgence of interest by pointing dog field trialers, as well as enthusiasts across the country to host trials for junior handlers, Strideaway, the online publication dedicated to field trials, launched the Facebook page “Youth Field Trial Alliance” in the summer of 2019. Its purpose is to promote field trials, stakes and training days specifically for kids and junior handlers in the US and Canada. Giving field trial clubs a specific place on social media to announce their events and post results and photos is already inspiring more clubs around the country to host events. The page also connects individuals who may have questions about the best way to conduct youth trials to other folks who have experience hosting events. The page already has well over 1100 followers! All handlers under the age of 16 are encouraged to become Pre-Members (non paying) of the 103 year-old organization, Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA), with hopes they will continue in the sport and become regular members at 16 years of age. The AFTCA is a member organization and the backbone of the sport of American Field sanctioned field trials for pointing dogs.

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