2023 Black Belt Youth Field Trial

2023 Black Belt Youth Field Trial

Nov 15th, 2023 | FT Results and Reports

Another fabulous youth stake held on Burnt Branch Plantation, Ochlocknee, GA thanks to Eddie and Carole Sholar and crew…Greg Shepherd, Kojac Wynn and Andrew Campbell. Thanks to Jim and Mary Ann Womack for judging.

This was the second youth trial of the weekend of November 11-12 giving youth handlers another opportunity to learn to handle their bird dogs. For Kira Jenkins of Boston, GA, it was her third day bird doggin’ as she and Daley Dalton of Moultrie, GA did the pointing dog demonstration on friday at the 2023 Kevin’s Game Fair at Chinquapin Plantation, Thomasville, GA!

All the handlers had previously competed in youth stakes on these quail-rich grounds and all had opportunities to show their handling skills with their dogs around game weather flushing or dealing with a backing situation. So much to learn but don’t ever put it past them…each year they are better than the year before!

Thanks so much to Eddie Sholar, in particular, for his determination to pass the torch to the next generation including his grandkids, two who ran dogs, the littlest guy we expect to see soon enough!

2023 Black Belt Youth Field Trial
November 12, 2023

Judges: Jim and Mary Ann
1st: Polly, Noah Tomlinson
2nd: Pepper, ArlieMae Hendley
3rd: Sam, Flint Hendley
Honorable mention: Kat, Kira Jenkins

Winners photos sent to all the handlers from Youth Field Trial Alliance. Congrats to all!

First brace. Kira Jenkins flushing, Noah Tomlinson with backing dog

Kira scouting Pepper for ArlieMae in the 2nd brace

ArlieMae going to flush with Greg Shepherd lending a hand in the second brace

Brace 3. Dot pointing a covey!

Breakaway of brace 4 with Flint Hendley and Kira Jenkins handling

Coming right up…not long before this little guy will be handling a bird dog!