2023 Nancy Pearce Youth Field Trial

2023 Nancy Pearce Youth Field Trial

Nov 14th, 2023 | FT Results and Reports

Dixie Trace Field Trial Association’s newest member, Pinewoods Bird Dog Club, held their inaugural running of the Nancy Pearce Youth Field Trial on November 11, 2023 at the beautiful Pinewoods Plantation Jeff Arnold in Monticello, Florida.  7 dogs were entered to run with their youth handlers that Saturday morning. It was a bit unseasonably warm when we turned the first dogs loose, but birds were in abundance which made for an exciting morning for the young handlers and onlookers alike.

This trial was a long time in the making and we want to thank all those involved in helping make it a huge success. First and foremost, thank you to Fred and Sally Beshears for allowing us to run on their gorgeous plantation. Thank you to Greg Blair and Purina for sending hats, leashes, bowls, and other items to award all the participants. Jenkins Woodworks, LLC donated beautiful hand-made plaques that were awarded to the top 3 winners. Thank you so much to Youth Field Trial Alliance for their sponsorship and making a generous donation to the trial. A wonderful BBQ meal was catered by Bernard and Erica Parker and enjoyed by all who attended. Tables were set up in the newly renovated barn where the awards were also presented. Thank you to Chip Jenkins and Carli McFalls for marshaling and to Jeff Arnold who set the course and kept us all on track. Thank you to our two judges, Jason Butler from Forsyth, Georgia and Lane Quick from Thomasville, Georgia for spending their morning in the saddle with us. We appreciate their willingness to be there to watch these youth handlers run their dogs.

1st brace: “Brandy” with handler Sawyer King and 1st place winner, “Lonnie” with Cannon Ryan. Both male pointers started out strong with Lonnie stopping to point while Brandy backed at 4 minutes in. Covey flushed for Lonnie’s first find of the brace. Brandy stopped at 9 minutes with a relocation. Both dogs stopped again at 13 minutes, with Brandy honoring Lonnie’s find, and a nice, sizeable covey got up. Brandy had another find at 19 minutes but it proved to be an unproductive. Both dogs finished the brace with their handlers.

2nd brace: 2nd place winner, “Rose” with Harper King and “Buzz” with Kira Jenkins. These two were forward running dogs, making big casts out front of the gallery. Rose, the only female pointer of the trial, had a classy find at 11 minutes and held steady for wing and shot. Buzz located a find at 15 minutes and birds were flushed. Both dogs were seen with their handlers at the end of the brace.

3rd brace: 3rd place winner, “Knot” (bye dog) with Kira Jenkins.  Knot ran an impressive, forward race stopping at 5 minutes, but moving on. The male pointer had 2 nice, clean finds at 13 and 16 minutes flushing large coveys each time. He was with his handler, Kira, when time was called.

4th brace: Brothers Kohner and Kaleb Baker with “Jag” and “Zeus”.  Zeus was the only GSP entered. For their first ever youth field trial, these brothers did a great job handling their dogs.  Both dogs ran big and out front and they both stopped with points at 16 minutes. Unfortunately, both moved on but were with their handlers at the end of the brace and conclusion of the trial.  It was a great experience for these two learning the ropes of being youth field trial handlers.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported these young handlers. We had a large gallery following along and it was truly a fun day watching these kids handle, call, and flush coveys for their dogs.  It’s so important that they get every chance they can to learn more about the sport they love.

Maria Bassham

Eventual 1st place winning handler Lonnie Ryan and Sawyer King, 1st brace.

2nd brace with Kira Jenkins and Harper King.


Stake manger Jeffrey Arnold

Start of the 4th brace with YFTA’s Claudia McNamee helping out!

Youth handler Kira Jenkins

Reporter Maria Bassham