Ask the Pros: Podcast Episode 6 ~ A Field Trial Dog’s Prime Competitive Age

Thanks to professional trainer/handler Tommy Rice Jr. for the answer to this “Ask The Pros” question from youth handler Sterling Woodruff! Tommy Rice and his son Solon…we hope a future youth trailer!

Ask the Pros: Podcast Episode 5 ~ A Scouting Question

Experienced Alabama youth handler, Addison McDuffie asks “When you’re scouting a dog and have lost “track” of it, what’s the best thing to do?” We turned to none other than Mazie Davis who scouted for her husband, Hall of Fame All-Age handler Colvin Davis for an answer!   Mazie Davis scouting for Colvin Davis, 2011 Manitoba Championship, Broomhill, Manitoba.

Ask the Pros: Podcast Episode 4 ~ Keeping Dogs in Shape During the Summer

Alabama Youth handler Reese Green asks “What is the best way to keep your dog in shape during the summer?” Thanks to Southwest Georgia professional trainer/handler Jason Loper for the answer to Reese’s question!   Reese Greene handling one of her dogs in the 2023 Butch Bennett Memorial Youth Trial.  Youth field trial enthusiast Lane Quick, youth trailer Noah Popiel and Jason Loper.

Ask the Pros: Podcast Episode 3 ~ Relocations

Youth field trailer Kira Jenkins asked for advice on how to best handle her dog during a relocation in a field trial. Big thanks to professional trainer/handler Jamie Daniels of Daniels Kennels, Dawson, GA for his response to Kira’s question. Listen to it here:   Kira Jenkins flushing for her dog in the 2023 Butch Bennett Memorial Youth Trial, Old Meridian Plantation, Tallahassee, FL. Professional trainer/handler Jamie Daniels flushing for Dominators Bull Market in the […]

Tips from the Pros/Ask the Pros!

Coming soon!!!…our continuing series “Tips from the Pros” via email has been expanded to allow youth handlers to “Ask the Pros” training, handling or scouting questions and we’ll pose their question to a professional trainer/handler or a respected seasoned amateur! Get ’em in…on our Facebook Strideaway Group or email us from our contact page

Tips from the Pros ~ 22 – 31

Tip #22: “When handling, never be distracted and take your mind off your dog, not even for a few seconds… your dog knows if you are distracted. Unexpected things can happen if your mind is not on your dog. Stay Alert!” — Mike Husenits Tip #23: “Try and gain a little training in each workout. Have a mental image of what you want your dog to look like as a finished contender. Slow progress is much […]

Tips from the Pros ~ 11 – 21

Tip #11: “IASM”…or “I am Sold Myself.” — John Rex Gates Find out what legendary handler John Rex Gates meant by these words in Strideaway’s podcast interview with him in 2012! CLICK HERE Tip #12: “A dog should not be subjected to perpetual whistling and commands while at work, by doing so the dog’s mind is drawn from his work to such extent that he scarcely knows whether he is doing right or wrong.” — Er M. Shelley, Twentieth Century Bird Dog Training and Kennel […]

Tips from the Pros ~ 1 – 10

Much thanks and gratitude to these trainers for sharing of their knowledge with future field trialers! Tip #1: “Be in a good frame of mind when you take your dog out to train and end your session on a good note. Put your dog up happy and he’ll retain what you wanted him to learn. You’ll both make progress!” — Lee Phillips Tip #2: “After flushing birds and shooting (without delay), return directly to your dog. […]