2023 Sedgefields Youth Field Trial Report

2023 Sedgefields Youth Field Trial Report

Mar 1st, 2023 | FT Results and Reports

Reporter: Maria Bassham

Sedgefields Youth Trial was held at the beautiful Greenway Sportsman Club grounds on February 18, 2023. 18 canine athletes were entered and run by 9 enthusiastic kids. Of the 18 entries, 16 were Pointers and 2 were GSPs. We want to thank Mike Green for allowing these kids to run on the club grounds. Jan Green provided us with a wonderful warm lunch and birthday cake was served to celebrate Addison McDuffie’s 15th Birthday! Chris Sellers graciously paid all the entry fees for the kids and for that we are extremely grateful. It is fellow field trialers that love and support these kids that keep this sport alive.

Thank you to the judges, Bill Owen and David Miller, for spending their time in the saddle to watch these kids and dogs hard at work. I know they enjoyed being part of such a special day. We were all pleasantly surprised when the gallery count got up to 60 riders for the afternoon braces. We love seeing the support and encouragement for all these kids doing what they love best.

1st brace of the morning was Ella Grace Montgomery with her female pointer, Rook running with Katie Bell Varner and her male pointer, Sam. Ella Grace had the first find at 5 and ½ minutes with birds up. Katie Bell had the next one at 7 and ½ minutes and also had a covey rise. Ella Grace had her second find at 13 minutes. She relocated Rook, but she moved out on her own and continued her race.

2nd brace Claire Street with her male pointer, Clay, and Ella Grace Montgomery with her female pointer, Belle. Clay had his first find at 2 and ½ minutes. His next find was at the top of the hill at 6 and ½ minutes. He had one last find at 17 minutes and birds took flight.

3rd brace Reese Green with pointer female, Ann, and Claire Street and Cole, her male pointer. Ann had her first find at 7 minutes. She relocated herself and when Reese flushed the second time, birds got up. She had her second find at 13 minutes and her last one at 16 and ½ minutes. Birds were seen both times.

4th brace Kira Jenkins with her male pointer, Knot, and Addison McDuffie with male pointer, Lou. Knot handled well and was pleasing to watch. He had 3 clean finds at 10, 13, and 17 minutes.  

5th brace Hayes Green with male pointer, Jack, and Sterling Woodruff with female pointer, Mae. Both dogs stopped for a divided find at 1 minute 15 seconds. Jack was backing Mae. They both stopped a second time at 5 minutes, facing each other. Sterling flushed a covey. Mae had her last find at 8 minutes. She was tapped on her head to relocate and birds got up after her reposition. Hayes and Jack had one last find right as time was called. He relocated but had a UP.

6th brace Sterling Woodruff with male pointer, Sammy, and Shelby Street and her pointer female, Jenny. Jenny started the brace with a find at 4 minutes and birds up.  Both dogs had a divided find at 11 minutes with Jenny flushing a covey and Shelby firing her gun. She had her last find at 14 minutes. Sammy had a point at 17 minutes. He was relocated with the whistle, but ended with a UP.

7th Brace Addison McDuffie with male pointer, Rebel, and Reese Green with her GSP female, Josie. Rebel had 4 finds at 2, 6, 8, and 12 minutes. Josie had 2 finds at 8 and 14 minutes.  

8th brace Katie Bell Varner with female pointer, Sassy, and Kira Jenkins with male pointer, Jag. Sassy pointed immediately at 30 seconds after release with birds up. She had her last find at 18 minutes also producing birds. Jag stopped for a covey that took flight, but Kira never dismounted. Jag continued his race.

9th brace Shelby Street with female pointer, Belle, and Hayes Green and his GSP male, Bo. Both dogs stopped immediately at start of brace with a divided find. Bo had a covey rise and shot was fired. Hayes and Bo had 4 finds at 5, 11, 17, and 19 minutes. Birds were seen all 4 finds. Belle had a find at 3 minutes with a relocation but Belle continued on her own.  She had another find at 9 minutes with judges seeing birds. She stopped at 12 min but relocated and moved on again. She had one last find at 17 minutes and ended the brace chasing the one, single quail across the field.