Georgia/Florida Youth Training Day

Georgia/Florida Youth Training Day

Oct 19th, 2020 | Training Days

Thanks very much to Shane Drew who put together a training day on Saturday, October 17. We didn’t have an opportunity to add it to our Events page as it was organized very quickly. However the two eager and talented participants, Dalton Drew and Noah Popiel could not have got more out of the perfect cool temperatures provided for a morning of dog training with Shane, Harley Golden, and Noah’s dad Wes. The boys really appreciated the one-on-one time they had with Shane who shared time-tested training advice, displaying calmness and patience around the dogs. We ended the morning running two of Noah’s pointer puppies who had a blast pointing and chasing quail!

Noah, Shane and Tex

Noah hurries to flush Tex’ bird

Dalton and Mollie

Dalton styling Mollie up after a successful piece of bird work

Noah’s GSP, Tex pointing a bird with intensity

Noah getting it done with Tex!

Harley, pointer John and Dalton

John showing lots of confidence pointing a bird

Dalton flushing for John

Noah after a successful piece of bird work by Star

Stay tuned for more training days.

Chris Mathan