Emily Deasy

Emily Deasy

Sep 14th, 2020 | Junior Handlers

Emily Deasy is a 14-year old city kid with a giant rural heart! She’s been involved with horses for the past couple years as my working/riding student, leading eventually to her helping me with the training and trialing of my field trial pointers.

Through the mentorship of several individuals in our Oregon field trial community, Emily has proven to be an excellent pupil, displaying much potential working with both dogs and horses. She’s got good work ethics, grit and determination. And no task is too hard or too long.

The upcoming Chuck Cox Walking Youth Stake hosted by the National Chukar Championship Association to be held on November 14 in Harley County, Oregon will be the first trial she has a dog entered in real competition. 

Emily’s future goal is to be involved in animal husbandry and down the line become a veterinarian.

Mel Lueck, Gaston, Oregon

Youth Field Trial Alliance wishes Emily and all the junior handlers competing in this upcoming Youth Trial the best of luck! For information, check out the Chuck Cox Walking Youth Stake info on our Events page.